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Podcasts to Help Your Morning Commute Suck Less

February 5, 2016

I’d never listened to a podcast until Serial went viral last year, and even then I usually just stuck to audiobooks or Spotify if I was driving to work or school. But then one of my coworkers really got me into themΒ this past summer and I’ve been addicted ever since. The idea that there are thousands of shows at fingertips that cover every genre and topic that I could ever dream of helps to make my mornings way more pleasant, despite the fact that I am the opposite of a morning person (something that I’ve been working on lately!).

So here are a few of my favorite podcasts that I listen to throughout the day! Let me know if y’all have other favorites too!!

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Life Lately

Snow Day

February 3, 2016

Even though I live in Connecticut, we didn’t actually get hit too badly with the snow during Storm Jonas. It snowed for most of Saturday but then the weather was absolutely gorgeous and sunny by the time I woke up the next morning. So after being trapped in my apartment for most of the previous day, I strapped on my LL Bean Boots and winter hat before making my way out into the winter wonderland.

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Life is a Journey

Currently: February

February 1, 2016

Happy February 1st! I can’t believe how fast January flew by with work and vacations, and so February definitely snuck up on me. For now it’s back to the office but I have some exciting plans coming up this month that I’m really looking forward to!

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Fashion & Beauty

Winter Makeup Favorites

January 29, 2016

Not going to lie, most mornings I look eerily similar to the creature from the black lagoon when I wake up. After a little bit of primping and prepping, I’m usually at least halfway decent to leave my apartment and make my way out into the world without scaring small children.

But with the snow and the frigid temperatures, I’ve found that for the first I’ve really had to change my makeup routine based on the seasons (growing up in Florida that was never a problem). Here are some of my favorite products that I use everyday!

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Life Lately

Documentaries You Need to Add to Your Netflix Queue

January 25, 2016

Not going to lie, I’ve been patting myself on the back for surviving my first blizzard in New England. Granted I didn’t leave my apartment the entire time it snowed, but still. Courtney: 1, Jonas: 0.

And you know what I did all weekend as the snow kept coming down? Watched Netflix, of course. I’ve just started getting into The X-Files and I’m surprised by how much I like it considering that paranormal stuff usually kind of freaks me out… Instead, when I’m not catching up with Law & Order: SVU or rewatching Gilmore Girls, my favorite genre on Netflix tends to be documentaries. So after giving it a lot of thought, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite documentaries that I think y’all will like as well!

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Hawaii Travel

Iao Valley

December 14, 2015

Can someone fly me back to Hawaii please? Although I really can’t complain about the weather up here in Connecticut lately because it’s been absolutely gorgeous, I’m still missing the surf, sand, and sun of Maui. And that’s just one reason that I’m so excited to share the pictures I took on my trip with you guys over the next few days! It’s just another excuse to daydream about being back on island time.

Funnily enough, one of my favorite things that I did with my dad was up in the mountains and not on the beach. On my second day, we drove up to Iao Valley and explored one of the island’s worst kept secrets.

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