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A Rainy Weekend in Atlanta

January 27, 2017

Happy Friday guys!

I basically only got through this week by fueling myself with green smoothies, podcasts, and the occasional Diet Coke, but we’re almost to the weekend! I’m flying out tonight for another weekend trip, this time to Washington, DC, to see one of my closest friends from growing up and to check out a few museums along the way.

Last weekend though, I was down in Atlanta and although it rained almost the entire time I was totally fine with that since it was a whole 30 degrees warmer down south than it’s been in Connecticut for the past two weeks!

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Charleston Travel

Snapshots of Charleston: Turkey Trot 2016

November 30, 2016

Not going to lie, I think that I’m still in a bit of a food coma from Thanksgiving! I probably ate enough turkey and mashed potatoes to feed an entire family but as we all know, calories don’t count on Thanksgiving (or your birthday, Christmas, etc.) so it’s all good.

We also started Thanksgiving morning with a 5k run through downtown Charleston and although I was feeling a little slow after the wine I’d drunken the night before, the weather was just too gorgeous to be groggy for long.


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Boston Travel

Halloween Weekend in Beacon Hill

November 18, 2016

I feel like I failed a bit this year since I didn’t actually dress up for Halloween this year… Even worse is that there weren’t ANY trick-or-treaters in my apartment complex!! Which I guess wasn’t the worst thing ever since it meant that I got to keep all of the candy to myself but still, I love seeing all of the little ones dressed up.

The weekend before Halloween, on the other hand, I was much more festive. My sister and I spent the weekend in Boston and even spent the weekend in what’s supposed to be the most haunted hotel in New England. Not that we knew that fact at the time but I’m still counting it since we slept directly above what’s considered one of the most haunted rooms in the hotel!

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10 Places That I’d Love to Visit Someday

August 29, 2016

I’ve always loved traveling and I’m constantly coming up with future travel plans, even if it’s just in my mind. Which means that I love finding new travel bloggers to follow on Instagram and live vicariously through them. I even have a map tapestry above my bed to remind myself that there’s more to life than scoring a really good deal on heels at DSW or binge watching Law & Order: SVU.

This past year I’ve been incredibly lucky travel-wise, with my hiking trip through Peru, 4th of July in Los Angeles, and many weekends spent in New York City, and I’m looking forward to the rest of 2016 and what 2017 has in store for me.

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Peru South America Travel

Tips for Visiting Machu Picchu

August 22, 2016

The fact that I visited Machu Picchu earlier this summer still feels a bit like a dream. After wanting to visit for so long, it’s still hard to comprehend that I ticked off a major bucket list travel destination of mine even though I have the photograph evidence to prove it to myself.

So because I’m still a bit moony over our trip to Peru (and I’m sure that I’ve completely bored my coworkers with my stories), I’ve put together a few tips that might help out on your future visit to Machu Picchu!

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California Travel

An Afternoon in Los Angeles

August 17, 2016

Because I didn’t have any set plans for the 4th of July this year, I made a somewhat spontaneous (i.e. I asked if I could come approximately 50 times and booked my flights a month before) decision to fly out to Los Angeles to spend the long weekend with my boyfriend and his family.

After a full day of flying, which was made way more enjoyable by the free wine and cheese plate I was served on my flight from Chicago to LAX, I got in late Friday night and promptly slept like a log. We spent the next day by the beach, eating too much food, and being generally lazy while I adjusted to the time change, and then made our way out into the city on that Sunday.

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