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Eat & Drink New York City Restaurants

Eating Vegan at by CHLOE

November 21, 2016

If you had seen how much bacon I ate this weekend (hint: too much), you would never know that I had been a semi-pescetarian for over 10 years. I still don’t eat much red meat nowadays, and prefer to stick with locally sourced meats, so I always enjoy finding yummy new vegetarian restaurants while in New York City. Which worked out well the other weekend for both my sister and I since she’s a pretty strict vegetarian.

After a little research, I picked out by CHLOE for our first meal together in the city and we were not disappointed by all of the hype!

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Eat & Drink New York City Restaurants

The Best Breakfast Bagel in New York City

September 26, 2016

There’s nothing that I love for breakfast more than a good bagel. Most mornings I stick with my usual smoothie, but if I’m in the city I like to indulge myself. Because although I’m not one to try and perpetuate stereotypes, New York City honestly has the BEST bagels and pizza in the world.

And one of my favorite spots in the city to grab a breakfast bagel that will fulfill all of my cravings is Black Seed Bagels in the Nolita area.

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Eat & Drink Florida Restaurants Travel

The Social Club

June 6, 2016

I’ve always been a beach gal, which isn’t too surprising since I was born in Los Angeles and grew up in South Florida. So although I’ve loved the past year living in Connecticut, I’ve found myself homesick for the ocean from time to time.

Luckily my trip to Miami recently for a friend’s birthday was just the cure that I needed! A long weekend spent sunbathing on the beach and lazily floating in the crystal clear water, all while laughing with friends was more than I could ask for.

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Charleston Eat & Drink Restaurants Travel

Lee Lee’s Hot Kitchen

May 11, 2016

This probably shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise but one of my favorite “dirty” eats of all time is Chinese food. I love indulging in some sesame chicken, and maybe a crab rangoon or two if I’ve been good about hitting the gym that week. Unfortunately, my body doesn’t seem to love Chinese food as much as my taste buds do and so I usually look like I’m a few months pregnant due to my MSG bloat/food baby. And so because of that I tend to be a little skittish about eating it when I’m on vacation.

Luckily though, I found one of my new favorite restaurants in Charleston the last time I visited down south that serves not only light Chinese fare but somehow manages to make it taste amazing too!!

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Eat & Drink New York City Restaurants

Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery

April 20, 2016

There’s little else that can get me out of bed early on Sunday mornings than breakfast. As much as I love to doze away in bed and curl up underneath the covers for a few extra hours, once my stomach starts rumbling that’s the sign that I’ll eventually have to drag myself out of my cocoon in search of something to eat. And since I very rarely make pancakes for myself at home (still too tricky for my level of cooking haha), I always look forward to ordering them during Sunday brunch.

Especially if they’re topped with berries like the pancakes at Lafayette are!

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Eat & Drink Restaurants Travel Washington DC

Alba Osteria

April 11, 2016

Let me set the scene. It’s a cold and rainy Sunday morning in Washington D.C. and Grace and I have just woken up after a late night of wine and March Madness basketball. A little tired after our long day of exploring Georgetown and eating way too much at Momofuku, we were pretty bummed when we looked out the window and saw that it was raining cats and dogs (we’d hoped against all odds for sun).

But did we let the weather get us down? Nope! Instead we celebrated my last day in D.C. in the most stereotypical 20-something year old way–bottomless brunch at Alba Osteria.

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