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July 1, 2016

Hurray for the holiday weekend!! I’ve been looking forward to the 4th of July for a while now and I’m so excited to have this coming Monday off to kick back and relax on the beach, while hopefully eating barbecue and enjoying a beer or two!

What do you guys have planned for the long weekend?

Flying // to Los Angeles later today! My boyfriend’s family lives out by the beach and I’m so excited to get to explore LA since I haven’t been to the city in almost 10 years. We’re thinking about going to the Getty Museum and LACMA, and maybe hike around the Griffith Observatory if it’s not too hot. I also really wanted to go to Sur (à la Vanderpump Rules), but unfortunately I couldn’t get a reservation… Just another reason to go back to visit!

Reading // The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson. I just finished the book last night and OMG GUYS, EVERYONE NEEDS TO GO OUT AND BUY IT NOW! I hate when books are compared to Gone Girl, but that’s actually 100% accurate in the case of Swanson’s book. I was basically sitting on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading it!

Eating // too much cheese lately. And yes, it is possible to eat too much cheese which I’ve found to be very true these past few weeks. I’ve been slowly cutting sweets out of my diet and so I thought that it would be a good thing to substitute my sweet tooth with cheese, but now it seems that I’ve somehow developed something of a cheese tooth and I can’t stop eating it…

Listening // to the podcast, Lady Lovin’. One of my coworkers recommended this podcast after we had a heart-to-heart over lunch and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s hosted by three girls, including Lo from The Hills, and I just love how funny they are while discussing the trials and tribulations of being a 20-something woman.

Freaking out over // this article. Apparently everyone’s love for guacamole and smashed avocado breakfast sandwiches (plus the extreme heat in California, of course) has led to a shortage of avocados. This may not end well for me since I like to eat avocados with basically every meal.

Walking // with a goal in mind. Ever since I got my new FitBit, I’ve made it my goal to get at least 10,000 steps every day. Which I’m not complaining about since the summer weather has been absolutely gorgeous so far in Connecticut and because I like the bragging rights of taking an average of 12k steps per day haha!

Jamming // to the Grateful Dead. I went to their concert in Hartford this past week and bought the concert audio/CD from their website, and so I’ve been rocking out to it while I make breakfast in the mornings!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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  • reneejessome

    hahah cheese tooth. I’ve definitely had one of those before! Hope your 4th of July is awesome! Its also a long weekend here, today is Canada Day!

    Renee | Life After Lux

    • Cheese has definitely been my latest food addiction and I really can’t complain much haha

  • YAY for flying out to LA later! SO much fun! And I’m right there with you on cheese. I seriously eat way too much cheese but it’s SOOOOO good! Happy Friday! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

    • LA was so much fun!! I definitely also eat too much cheese but I really can’t bring myself to feel bad about it haha

  • Avocado shortage?! Oh no! And I feel like I always eat too much cheese. It and french fries/chips are pretty much my all time favorite foods. We are headed to LA soon too. Yay! Have fun!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • French fries are my favorite but I rarely eat them because I could definitely finish off an entire tray of them by myself. Have so much fun in LA when y’all are there!

  • Ahhhh I spy a concert at the Meadows! Best place in CT for a summer concert! Happy 4th of July weekend and have the best time in LA <3
    Green Fashionista

    • It was my first concert at the Meadows and I loved the venue! I’d like to sit on the lawn next time though!

  • Rachel

    Oh no!! I’m with you, I eat avocado almost everyday (oops!)…that is terrible about the shortage!! Have a great time in LA and a wonderful Fourth of July!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde’s Moment

    • My favorite breakfast smoothie calls for half an avocado so I’m really hoping that the avocado shortage doesn’t actually happen!

  • A cheese tooth sounds rather charming actually, even though I’ll stick to a chocolate tooth ahah! Xx

    • My boyfriend has a chocolate tooth and he can eat enough for the two of us haha

  • I am would so excited to go to LA too, I hope you have lots of fun dear!

    Have a wonderful day, xx

    My Vogue Style |

    • Thanks! I had the most amazing time out in LA with my boyfriend and his family!

  • Carina Vardie

    Have fun in LA, can’t wait to see pictures!


  • Happy July! I’m heading to L.A. this weekend to see some friends! I hope you have a great time there and a great July!


    Tamara –

    • I hope that you had the most amazing in LA! We spent a lot of time down on the beach and just hanging out outside, so it was basically the perfect long weekend!

  • Violette

    Sounds like a great weekend! Have fun!

  • Ellese Launer

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Enjoy LA for me! I love Santa Monica and the pier. Xo, Ellese


    • We went to Santa Monica for a hot second on Saturday and I loved it just as much as I did when I was little! So much fun!

  • Biana Perez

    Enjoy your long weekend in LA girl – I’ve never been but it’s on my list!! Happy Friday! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    • Thank you! Los Angeles is one of my favorite cities on the west coast, especially where my boyfriend’s family lives because there about a 10 minute walk from the beach!

  • isabel selles

    enjoy baby!!! 🙂



  • Have fun in LA! My husband and I are road tripping there in a few weeks, so I’ll have to stay tuned for your recommendations 🙂


    • Y’all are going to have so much fun!! We mostly hung out on the beach but we also made our way out to the Getty Museum and Santa Monica!

  • Oh no!! An avocado shortage?!?! Say it ain’t so. Hope you have a happy weekend! :]

    // ▲ ▲

    • I can’t even imagine not eating an avocado everyday!!

  • Have a great long weekend! Especially in LA!! I’m sure you’ll have a blast 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I had such an incredible long weekend and now I really wish I was back out west since we’ve been having terrible weather in Connecticut lately!

  • Andreea Birsan

    Wishing you a great time in LA! x

    Have a nice weekend,

  • I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating the 4th in LA, girlie, I can’t wait to read all about it! Haha, I feel you, cheese is good and it’s in nearly everything that’s delicious…hello pizza! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and Happy 4th of July!



    • Pizza is bae haha. And, to be honest, if it has cheese on it I’ll probably eat it!

  • Raina Elegado

    Omg have fun in LA!! I live in San Diego which is a couple hours south. LA is one of my favorite places to go! P.S. You can never have enough cheese! haha 🙂

    xo Raina

    • Thank you so much! I visited San Diego a few times when I was little (and my family lived in LA), but I’d love to go back now that I’m an adult and explore the city more!

  • Yay!! I’m so excited for the weekend as well…I needed an extra day! Have a great trip!!!


    • Long weekends are my favorite! I definitely wouldn’t mind having more 4 day work weeks!

  • Rasheeda Nae

    You look like you had tons of fun!




  • Aditi Oberoi Malhotra

    Looks like you had so much fun!! Great shots!
    Adi xx

  • Hahah! You look fantastic and seem like you had such a big fun there!
    Nazlıgül | on my own way
    Check out my latest vlog: Collection Eyes Uncovered – Nude Bronze Palette Review

    • Thank you so much! Love your video!

      • Thanks! Don’t forget to subscribe for upcoming videos! 🙂

  • Hope your having a wonderful weekend in Los Angeles, Courtney! Wear lots of sunscreen!

    • I had such an amazing weekend visiting my boyfriend and his family! And ugh, I wore lots of sunscreen but still managed to get a little burned on the inside of my calves… So now I have quite a weird tan line haha

  • Trang Do

    Looks like you had so much fun! Hope you have a great weekend!

    Kisses and hugs from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

    • Thank you so much! I had such an incredible weekend and I hope that you did as well!

  • Wow a shortage in avocados? I’ve just recently got on the avocado bandwagon a couple of months back and can totally see why it’s a super food for helping skin and hair! I always try and have at least two or three a week when I can and love it on toast with cracked black pepper but hoping to try more recipes soon x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture + Giveaway

    • Avocado toast is my favorite, especially with a little sriracha and maybe a fried egg!

  • Omgosh!! I must listen to the podcast with Lo!!! Asap!! Happy 4th my friend!!

    Xox Dana Ivy //

    • She’s hysterical to listen to on this podcast, so I would definitely recommend subscribing to it!

  • Great post, hope you are enjoying the holidays. Gemma x

  • Mónica Sors

    Nice place, enjoy! 😉
    Mónica Sors

  • Adele Miner

    I love these pictures.. you cutie! Hope you have the best time. I always love to make new blogger friends by the way, let me know if you would like to follow each other and stay in touch! x

    • Aww thank you! And yes I love making new blog friends too!

  • An avocado shortage- oh no! 🙁

    Hope you had a good weekend, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    • It’s literally my worst nightmare haha

  • I hope you had an amazing time in LA, your pictures were gorgeous! I had no idea it was so hard to get a reservation at Sur, sheesh! I guess you will just have to come back!

    • Exactly! I really need to try their goat cheese balls!

  • Ooh adding that book to my list!!

    • ‘The Kind Worth Killing’ was such an amazing book!! Definitely in my top 5 favorites!

  • Ianne Cabangon

    Looks like you had fun,wonderful photos.
    Xo, Christianne

  • Looks like you had a great time!



  • Hope you had a good time in LA as well as a good holiday weekend! So grateful to have some time with friends and family. I am totally going to check out that podcast! I love Lo! Haha.


    • Lo is the best! And my long weekend in LA was absolutely amazing! Definitely missing the nice California weather right now since it’s raining in Connecticut.

  • wow so nice!! you look very pretty in skirt. I love to buy kurti in summer. Thanks for sharing. i love blue color dress.

  • Yes! I loved ‘The Kind Worth Killing For’ I thought the ending was such a good twist! Love!

    — Dara //

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