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My Tips for Sweet Dreams

March 9, 2016

I’m one of those people who can sleep just about anywhere. Planes, cars, trains… It doesn’t really matter where I am, I can usually doze off within a few minutes. Which has definitely led to some embarrassing moments when I’ve woken up only to find that I’ve been softly snoring or drooling in public.

But even though I have an easy time falling asleep, I still have my nightly routine to make sure that I sleep soundly throughout the night and don’t wake up every hour. So when Crane & Canopy contacted me about their blog series throughout Sleep Awareness Week, I was excited to share with y’all what I do every night before going to bed to achieve my best beauty sleep.


I find that I personally tend to get a better night’s rest if I’ve worked out earlier that day. My job involves me sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours of the day, so if I don’t hit the gym after work I usually find myself feeling restless. Even if it’s a little stretching before bed because I’ve been too busy to make it to the gym, I always like to incorporate a little activity in my day to better the quality of my sleep!

Powering down:

I’m a huge believer in turning off my computer at least 30 minutes before I go to bed every night. Although I don’t know the exact science behind the theory, I’ve read about plenty of studies that say that the brightness from a computer (and even phone) screen can mess with your body’s natural rhythms and make it harder to sleep at night. So instead of staying up into the wee hours of the morning watching Netflix like I used to do back in college, I power down while I’m getting ready for bed so that I’m not tempted to surf the internet once I slip under the covers. Eventually I’d like to limit myself to just one episode of tv a night, but that’s still a work in progress!


This is another fairly recent bedtime ritual that I’ve picked up. I don’t follow any particular schedule or tempo, but instead look back on my day and think about how I want to improve myself the coming day. This is a period of time that’s meant to be positive and uplifting, which is especially nice if I’m being hard on myself or have had a tough day in the office. Plus I’m usually pretty tired after a few minutes of having my eyes closed.

Investing in a good eye mask:

I love wearing eye masks when I travel. They make it so much easier to stay asleep on planes (even if the lights keep turning on for some reason) and I find that I feel more relaxed if I wear them while sleeping in hotels. I don’t usually wear my eye mask when I’m at home but sometimes, usually when I can’t get my mind to stop racing, I’ll slip it on and then I’m out within the next few minutes. Just make sure to pick out one that’s comfy since you’ll be wearing it all night! The one that I use (pictured above) is padded beneath the eyes to help make my eyes less puffy when I wake up in the morning.

What are your favorite tips for beauty sleep? Having pretty bedding doesn’t hurt either, which is why I’ve been eyeing this navy blue built and sham from Crane & Canopy!


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  • Definitely switching off pc and putting my phone far away from me helps I usually just lay in the dark for awhile before I actually fall asleep

    Beauty Candy Loves

    • I’ve really noticed that turning off my computer at least 30 minutes before I go to bed helps me sleep much better throughout the night!

  • Biana Perez

    My husband swears by the eye mask haha! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    • I love wearing eye masks when I’m traveling! I sleep so well with it that I’m always shocked when I take it off in the morning and it’s light outside!

  • Kelsey & Kenecha

    I find when I am really busy throughout the day I sleep way better. If I barely did anything I can never get to sleep!


    • Working out is the best for me! Even if it’s just some yoga or a quick one mile run!

  • Jasmin N

    These are such a great tips! I’m having periods when it’s really hard to get any sleep so I’ve tried meditating. I don’t know if it’s helping but it’s a huge stress reliever and because it’s quite boring I’ll get tired pretty quickly hahha.

    <3: Jasmin N |

    • Meditating really is such a great stress reliever! And there are so many great videos on youtube to follow along with!

  • These are great suggestions for getting better sleep! Powering down is the key for me. 🙂

    • Turning off my computer is key to me sleeping well at night! And of course turning my phone on silent!

  • Nina

    I agree about exercise, it really helps me to sleep good at night. I’ve never tried eye masks though. These are great tips. xx


    • Exercise is great not only to keep in shape but also to sleep better! I’m all about beauty sleep!

  • This mask would be perfect for me! I’m all for anything that will help me sleep better <3
    Green Fashionista

    • I love wearing eye masks, especially when I’m traveling!

  • Ugh, my husband can sleep anywhere, anytime. I am always so envious! Good tips. I need to work on exercising more.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • My boyfriend is just the opposite of me and is always so jealous that I can nap anywhere!

  • Daniel Poon

    I do agree meditating is a good way! Thanks for the tips! x
    Instagram: danielpoonvignez

    • I love meditating before bed! Even if it’s just a few minutes while I lie in bed, I always feel refreshed afterward!

  • Violette

    Cool tips for sweet dreams 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • I’m all about getting plenty of beauty sleep ever night, so I’m always looking for tips and tricks for a better night’s sleep!

  • Thanks for sharing your tips 🙂 I like the eye mask idea, as I find it hard to sleep unless it really dark x

    • Eye masks are the best because of that! Plus they’re amazing to wear when traveling!

  • Sam Smethurst

    I keep meaning to try meditation to see whether or not it helps – I’ll have to give it a go, I could realistically do with trying anything that might help me get a few extra hours!

    Sammy xo.

    • I’m a huge fan of meditating and I always feel refreshed and ready for bed by the time I’m done. I should probably try it out in the morning too, but I’m usually running late for work!

  • Tiffany Griffin

    Haha! I’m totally the same. I can sleep like a baby on a plane! xx

    • I literally sit down in my seat and immediately fall asleep! It’s such a useful talent haha!

  • Kelpa Raza

    We can shake Hands dear. Love to read your lovely thoughts. Amazing blog and love to read more.
    Have a lovely day.

  • Totally agree with all of these tips – Powering down is so important!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

    • Turning off my computer thirty minutes before bed is key for me to have a good night’s sleep!

  • I’m the complete opposite, Courtney, it takes me forever and a day to fall asleep. And I have a very small window of opportunity at that. If I don’t fall asleep within a 5, maybe 8 minute timeframe of feeling groggy, poof. It’s gone. I’m wide awake!! So far, what’s been working for me is (a) using a sheetmask before bed to calm me down (b) drinking less water since bathroom trips wake me up far too often (c) meditation is something new that I’ve added to my routine but it seems to help 🙂 I definitely need to invest in an eye mask, preferably lavender xoxo

    • I’ve heard that lavender is amazing to have in the bedroom when you’re trying to fall asleep! And eye masks are so helpful too!

  • Kerri Taylor

    all very good tips – although i have a very hard time prying my phone outta my hands before bed ha. i meditate too! it def helps!

    xoxo cheshire kat

    • I definitely do too, mostly because I’m addicted to scrolling through my Instagram feed!

  • These are all great tips. I’ve been meaning to get an eye mask forever!

    Clothes & Quotes

    • I bought mine at Target a few months ago and I absolutely love to use it when I’m traveling!!

  • Love these tips! I definitely use an eye mask when I need to sleep on planes. And I tend to sleep better when I’ve exercised at some point during the day. Cute sleepwear is always conducive to a good nights rest, too!

    • Eye masks are key to sleeping well on planes, at least for me! And I really need to invest in some cute pajamas!

  • Lovely post… I sleep like a log after exercise 🙂


    • Thanks! And I totally do too!!

  • I’ll have to try these tips!! I definitely have trouble powering down my computer and phone before bed!

    xo Lauren

    • I’m usually pretty good about my computer but I definitely have a harder time putting my phone down! I’m just too addicted to social media!

  • The eye mask is a very good tip, in fact even when you’re not sleeping if you just want to blank out your surroundings on planes 😉

    • I’ve actually done that too! Usually on early morning flights when I’m not tired but just want to rest my eyes!

  • I’ve gotten back to doing yoga everyday and I cannot believe how well I am sleeping! Great tips!


    • I used to attend hot yoga classes when I was abroad in the mornings and I always loved how refreshed I felt afterward! And I always slept like a baby those nights!

  • Exercise is key! That always totally knocks me right out!

    • Me too! I love my current gym class because it totally kicks my butt and then I’m so ready for bed a few hours later!

  • I can also sleep basically anywhere!;-) Just now getting in the routine of putting my 3 month old to bed on a scheduled bedtime, and we incorporate a few relaxing things like comfy pj’s, soft bedtime tunes, a story, and a lavender massage…he’s out like a light by 8!;-)

    • A lavender massage sounds like something that I would love!

  • I can sleep anywhere too! Powering down is key for me as well – and meditating. I fall asleep so much eaisier when I clear my mind first.

    Annessa /

    • Being able to snooze anywhere is such a useful skill! And meditating really does help clear my mind before bed!

  • I am ALL about eye masks, I literally can’t sleep without one. Earplugs are my other must have!

    • Eye masks are my favorite bedtime accessory when I can’t sleep! And I should really try earplugs on long flights!

      • They’re really lifesavers, you can tune those screaming babies right out!

  • A good eye mask sure does make a difference. I like to listen to classical music or Enya to help me wind down. Happy weekend!

    • I should really start listening to classical music before I go to bed! I always listen to it when I’m reading or studying!

  • Thalyne Vieira

    Thank you for the tips ! Loved it ! xD


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