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The Best Bacon Mac & Cheese

February 22, 2016

To be totally honest, I didn’t like homemade macaroni and cheese until I was in college. And even then I tended to stick with the instant boxed kinds from Kraft, preferably if they came in fun shapes or characters.

But now that I’m living by myself and have a much larger kitchen than in my previous apartment in college (where my living room, kitchen, and dining room were essentially in the same space), I’ve come to love creating new recipes and re-creating favorite childhood dishes. And now I think I’ve found my new favorite–my adult version of mac & cheese!

Rich, creamy, and unbelievably cheesy, this recipe is just the thing to hit the spot when you’re craving comfort food. And what more can you want on a chilly winter night??

This recipe makes several servings, so it works for either leftovers or if you’re planning on bringing it to a potluck-style dinner. I probably could have eaten at least 3 servings, but I’m trying to be at least somewhat healthier in the new year and so I stuck with just one serving.

Also, I realized as I was starting to make this mac and cheese that I did not have any macaroni in my apartment like I thought that I had… So instead I got creative and decided to use fusilli instead. Makes it seem more grown up, doesn’t it?



3 cups of fusilli (or about 2 cups of macaroni)

3 tbsp butter

1/4 cup flour

Dash of salt

Dash of pepper

Dash of smoked paprika

2 1/2 cups of 2% milk

2.5 cups of cheddar cheese (I used almost an entire bag of extra sharp cheddar… definitely a recipe for hard core cheese fans)

Sprinkle of panko breadcrumbs

2 slices of bacon


  • Boil the pasta until al dente. Rinse under cold water (to stop the pasta from cooking further) and set aside for later.
  • Preheat the oven to 350-375 degrees F.
  • In a medium saucepan over medium-high heat, add the butter. Once melted, add the flour, salt, pepper and paprika; whisk together.
  • Add the milk slowly while stirring constantly. Do so until the sauce thickens and then remove from heat. Add 2 cups of the cheese to the sauce and stir until melted.
  • Pour the cheese sauce over the pasta and coat evenly.
  • Add the pasta to a baking dish and add the rest of the cheese on top. Sprinkle a bit of panko for extra crunch.
  • Bake for 25-30 minutes. Remove from the oven and serve topped with chopped bacon.

I’m drooling a little bit just thinking about this macaroni and cheese! Do you guys have a favorite mac and cheese topping?


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  • HELLO beautiful Mac and Cheese! This looks absolutely delicious, thank you for sharing! xxxxx

    • I LOVE macaroni and cheese! I don’t make it that often but when I do, this is my favorite recipe!

  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    Delicious! Love this! Have a blessed Monday doll!
    Much love, Len

    • This recipe is so yummy!! Love mac and cheese!

  • Aubrey Yandow

    Love that mac & cheese!

    xx. The Coastal Confidence

    • Thanks! This is definitely my favorite recipe that I’ve come up with so far!

  • Love a good mac and cheese recipe!! This looks wonderful. xx

    • Me too! I’ve been on the lookout for recipes with interesting cheeses too, like goat cheese or gouda!

  • You are totally speaking my language! I LOVE homemade mac and cheese.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • I’m definitely more of a homemade macaroni and cheese girl now than I was a few years ago! It’s fun to cook and tastes delicious!

  • This sounds like the perfect comfort food! I’m still getting over a cold and this would be a great cure

    • Macaroni and cheese is the ultimate comfort food! Especially since I grew up in the south haha

  • Oh my God, this looks ridiculously tasty – I really want to get into cooking group dinners more often and this sounds like an option I could handle! Yum!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking about when I made this! It would definitely be perfect for a group dinner or potluck!

  • Homemade Mac & Cheese is one of my favorites.

    Daily Style Finds

  • WhatWouldVWear

    OMG! Such a great recipe! Homemade mac & cheese is the best! My son is obsessed with it!

    Happy Monday, love!

    xoxo, Vanessa

    • Looking back now, I can’t believe that I used to hate homemade mac & cheese! Your son obviously has much better taste than I do!

  • Emma

    This looks great! I have been looking for a good mac & cheese recipes. It is a bit hot here for the number but I am going to book mark this for the winter! x

    • See it’s just starting to get warm over here again, so this is still a good recipe for chilly nights!

  • Yum! Homemade mac and cheese is the best and the bacon makes it even better! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

    Doused In Pink

    • The bacon definitely gives it an even better flavor (as it does for everything haha)!

  • I used to eat boxed Mac n cheese all the time when I was a kid. I just recently started eating it again at restaurants and quite enjoy the grown up version! Yours looks delicious! I should definitely try it out.

    A Sentimental Adventure

    • I’m really liking the grown up version now too, although I definitely still see it as a comfort food! Such a great meal during the winter!

  • Holy deliciousness! You had me at cheese and of course bacon <3
    Green Fashionista

  • Mmm this looks so delicious!

    The Style Scribe

    • It was so tasty! Mac and cheese is the best on a cold winter night!

  • Wow this is absolutely yummy! It would be perfect for my cheat day 😛

    Maireem | My Fair Autumn | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat: myfairautumn

  • This looks so delicious! Love the bacon in here!


    • Bacon on anything is amazing!

  • Edita Lozovska

    Goodness me, now I am craving some 😀 AWESOME!

    • I feel like I’m always craving mac and cheese, although I don’t eat it that often… It just makes it so much more special when I actually do make it for myself!

  • Rachel

    Yum this recipe looks delicious! Mac and cheese is my favorite comfort food! xx

  • Wow, this looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great start to your day so far!



    • Thank you so much! Mac and cheese is such a fun meal to make (and eat, of course)!

  • That looks soooo good! I mean you can’t go wrong with mac & cheese AND bacon! yum my husband would love this.


    • I sent my boyfriend pictures of the mac and cheese when I’d finished it and he was definitely a fan! Mac and cheese is always a fan favorite at parties too!

  • This looks DELICIOUS! I can’t wait to give it a try – thanks for sharing!

    XO, Rachel

    • This recipe is so tasty! The mac and cheese with the bacon is so tasty!

  • Pear Phongsawad

    This looks amazing! I’m a huge mac & cheese lover, so I’m definitely trying this recipe out this weekend! 😀



    • Mac and cheese is one of my favorite comfort foods, especially during the winter! Always a good decision to make haha

  • ok. yum. must try this at home.

    kisses from dubai ❤️

  • Mary Kate

    Omg this looks lo incredible! I’m a huge fan of anything with bacon or mac&cheese so this is a double win for me!

    Mary Kate

    • Me too! I actually probably could have used more bacon, looking back now!

  • This recipe looks DELICIOUS!!! Yum!!

    All the Cute
    Vanity Planet Aroma1 Aromatherapy Diffuser

  • OMG that’s all I want right now! I think I’m drooling….

    xo Annie

    • Haha anytime I see mac and cheese on a menu I get so excited!

  • This looks SO amazing! You could sell this in a restaurant!

    Chow Down USA

    • I wish! I always wanted to be a chef when I was growing up, but I’ll settle for cooking in my kitchen for now!

  • Lucy Harris

    Slightly hungover/hungry right now and I think I could easily finish that whole thing!!

    • This would be the best brunch for a slightly hungover Sunday!

  • Oh god. I’m going to have to cook this now and gain 10 sizes!
    Great tips!

  • Zorica

    Oh my good…This looks so yummy

    • I love Mac and cheese, so this is the perfect recipe for me!

  • this looks amazing! with a big glass of red wine. yum!
    xx, lauren

    • That sounds amazing!! Definitely need to do that sometime soon!

  • Holy shit this looks amazing. Bacon, pasta and cheese? I’m definitely a fan of this. Bookmarking this!

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed

    • Mac and cheese is one of my favorite meals to make!! The bacon is really just the icing on the cake!

  • ninegrandstudent

    This looks gorgeous – I have so many recipes for Mac’n’Cheese but I’m always looking for new ones! I highly recommend trying a One-Pan version for quick dinners if you haven’t already! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

    • Ooh yum I’ll have to look up that one-pan version! The easier the recipe, the better (at least for me)!

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