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Avocado “Fries” with Sriracha Aioli

December 11, 2015

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but I didn’t used to like avocados. Which is a little crazy considering how often I eat them nowadays… Aka at least once a day. I’ve even been known to bite straight into an avocado when a knife can’t be found! Plus I’ve heard that the new Hollywood diet includes eating tons of healthy fats, which I am more than happy to do if it means I’ll be able to look like Jennifer Aniston in 20 years.

Avocado “fries” are a play on one of my guilty pleasures–real french fries.Β With all of the flavor and none of the guilt, this recipe is perfect for when you want a hearty snack for a Netflix binge or atop a burger for dinner (which actually sounds like a wonderful idea now that I’m thinking about it)!

The sriracha aioli was a delicious last minute addition to this recipe and really gave a kick to the avocado. If you’re looking for a healthier (aka less mayo-y) sauce to dip in, I’d recommend this smoky tahini sauce! I’ve made it and the parsnip fries quite a few times in the past few months and it’s mouthwateringly good.



Avocado “Fries”

  • 2 tbsp flour
  • Salt & pepper (Season to taste… I’m a fan of salt so I usually tend to use too much)
  • 1/4 cup Panko breadcrumbs
  • 2 egg whites (whisked until foamy)
  • 2 avocados, preferably ripe but still firm (if the avocados are too mushy they’ll be hard to batter!)

Sriracha Aioli

  • 1/4 cup light mayonnaise
  • 2 tbsp Sriracha sauce
  • Squeeze of lemon juice
  • Salt


  • Preheat broiler to high.
  • Combine the flour, salt, and pepper into a bowl and combine. PlaceΒ both egg whites into a second bowl, and place the breadcrumbs into a third bowl.
  • Halve the avocados and remove pits. Slice each of the halves into smaller pieces (I cut mine into four slices so that I had sixteen slices overall).
  • Dredge the avocado slices into the flour mixture. Dip into egg whites and then dredge in breadcrumbs.
  • Repeat for each slice and then place onto baking sheet.
  • Broil the avocados for about 5 minutes, or until the Panko coating is a golden brown. Remove and let cool.

For the Sriracha aioli, all you’ll need to do is combine the light mayo, Sriracha, lemon juice, and salt to taste. Super easy!


I chowed down on these babies while finally catching up on the end of this season of Scream Queens. Can you believe how the finale ended?? If you haven’t seen it yet, I would definitely recommend checking it out!


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  • This sounds so delicious hun! Thanks for sharing (:
    Nati xx

    • Courtney

      The avocado fries were so good!

  • Mmm, I love avocado and these look yummy!

    • Courtney

      I love avocado too! I can eat it with about anything!

  • Lindsay

    Ooh these look so good! I can eat avocado on everything too! xx

    • Courtney

      I’m the exact same way!! Avocados are so yummy!

  • These look ever so tasty! Avocado is such a healthy protein also! Yum πŸ™‚ Laura xx

    • Courtney

      I always feel so good about myself when I eat avocados because they’re so healthy! Super foods are the best!

  • These look amazing! I love avocados and Sriracha, so I’ll definitely have to try this! Great recipe πŸ™‚
    xo Kiki

    • Courtney

      Avocados and sriracha are my dream pair! You should definitely try it out!

      • I’ll definitely give it a go! πŸ™‚
        xo Kiki

  • I’m not a huge avacado fan, however this sriracha aioli has my mouth watering!

    Mary Kate

    • Courtney

      The sriracha aioli was so good! It definitely gave the dish a kick!

  • theemasphere

    I’ve actually never heard of avocado fries, but oh my gosh these look increddddible!!! Thanks so much for introducing me to them love. I’m definitely going to use this recipe! Xx

    • Courtney

      I love french fries way more than I should, so I’m always looking for somewhat healthy alternatives. I was pleasantly pretty surprised how good these turned out though!

  • I have never actually heard if this before but it seems delicious, I can’t wait to try it out:)

    Please leave a comment at

    • Courtney

      I’m so happy with how they turned out! I would definitely recommend trying this recipe for yourself!

  • blushingkay

    This loooks delish and easy. bookmarking this for when i need a quick snack recipe. thanks!

    • Courtney

      These were so easy to make!! That’s one reason I love this recipe so much!

    • Courtney

      These avocado fries really were!

  • Those look so crispy and amazing. I am definitely going to make these over my time off over Christmas! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    Colleen xx

    • Courtney

      I love the crunch that the panic gives to the creaminess of the avocado! So yummy!

  • Looks so tasty!! Need to try it!

    • Courtney

      You definitely should!!

  • Oh wow, this looks incredible, you’ve inspired me to make it today!

    • Courtney

      I’m so glad that my cooking isn’t totally unappealing since I love to do it so much! I hope that you like these avocado fries!

  • emi

    yum! healthy and delicious sounding! xo

    • Courtney

      Definitely much healthier than my addiction to french fries!!

  • laurajaneatelier

    Yummy these look so good

  • Alice

    These look absolutely delicious! Thanks for the recipe!
    Fashion Soup

  • Oooooh YUM! I’m going to have to try these!

    • Courtney

      These “fries” were so delicious and (sort of) healthy!

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