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November 9, 2015

On Friday night, I found myself on a plane once again for a trip that I’d been looking forward to a while now–I was heading down to South Carolina to spend the weekend at home. It’s strange to think that this was my first time back home since I started my job four months ago. It’s easy to get caught up with grind of work and everyday life, so taking this weekend to kick back and hang out with my mom was exactly what I needed. I’ve found there’s very little else that can make you feel as relaxed and loved as a trip back home can do.

Growing up in South Florida, I’ve always felt a deep connection to the ocean. I’ve always thought from a young age that I would be more than happy to live in a teeny tiny little house by the water for the rest of my days. So being home and being so close to the beach has been an absolute dream, even if it was only for the weekend. But I made the most of it by spending the majority of Saturday on the beach, walking for miles and stopping to take it all in every few minutes.


What’s your favorite part of going home to visit your parents? I think my favorite would have to be eating together and catching up on everything that’s been happening in our lives!

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  • Such a beautiful place! I live close to my family so I’m lucky I can see them all the time. Gemma xx

    • Courtney

      I’m jealous that you live close! It’s always nice to go back home and hang out with my family!

  • I think my favourite part of going home for me, is just the sheer comfort of being able to be yourself. The feeling of familiar hugs and some time to just enjoy the company of the people you love the most in the world. (Home is South Africa for me, by the way – and I live in London) xx


    • Courtney

      Oh wow you have a way longer plane ride to get home than I do!! And I totally agree with the whole feeling of being comfortable. Nothing feels better than sitting and talking with people who truly love you!

  • piecedtogetherblog

    For me, it’s laughing with my family and just having face to face conversations. Hope you have a great time!

    • Courtney

      It’s the same for me! My mom and I have very similar senses of humor so we’re constantly making each other laugh!

  • What a beautiful place to call home, your photos are incredible! Hope you have an amazing time! xxxxx

    • Courtney

      Living by the beach means that everyday is so beautiful. I’m always jealous of the pictures that my parents send me! And I had an amazing time!!

  • My favorite part of visiting home would be eating food. I just love the dishes my mom cooks. Whenever I make them, it just doesn’t taste as good. :/

    <3 Trou

    • Courtney

      Same for me! The secret recipe that make my mom’s meals so tasty must be love haha

  • Rachel

    Beautiful pictures! Love the shot from the beach. Your parents live in a very beautiful place!

    • Courtney

      Thank you! I love going home to visit because then I get to hang out at the beach all day!

  • Glad you were able to go back home for a few days. Xo, Ellese

    • Courtney

      Me too! It was such a lovely weekend!

  • What stunning photos! Hope you are having a lovely time at home!

    Rae of Love from Berlin
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    • Courtney

      I had such a wonderful weekend at home!! It’s really too bad that I couldn’t have stayed for longer!

  • Oh, I haven’t been home to see my parents in years. But they do live on the other side of the world! Next year though, and I do plan to visit the beach 🙂

    • Courtney

      A four hour plane ride is much more manageable than flying half way around the world! I hope that you are able to visit home next year!

  • Nataly

    The water looks stunning!!

    • Courtney

      The water was beautiful but pretty chilly!

  • I’m going to see my parents this weekend, it’s always good to catch up and spend quality time with them

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

    • Courtney

      I’m jealous of you!! I don’t get to go back home very often and so I always love when I do get to go back down south. Have so much fun!

  • The area where you live looks amazing! I love the photos 🙂

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

    • Courtney

      Living by the beach is something I aspire to someday! Waking up to views like that in my own home would be amazing!

  • What a beautiful place to call home! South Carolina has been on my “must visit” list for a long time now, these pictures make me really want to go!

    • Courtney

      South Caroline is seriously beautiful, especially where my parents live! They’re just outside of Charleston which one of the most amazing cities in the south!

  • theemasphere

    Ohh what gorgeous photos!! I’ve just moved to the UK and my parents are back home in Australia so it’s been the longest time I’ve been away from them. I’m going back for a few weeks over Christmas though and I’m so excited to just have amazing dinners with them with lots of laughs and good wine! Xx

    • Courtney

      That’s so exciting that you’re going back home for Christmas!! I hope that you have the most amazing time with your family!

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