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Netflix Shows That You Should Be Watching

June 8, 2015

My love for Netflix is no secret. In fact, I watched 12 seasons of Law & Order: SVU in one semester my freshman year… Which my mom told me isn’t something to brag about but honestly I’m still pretty impressed with my dedication even 3 years later. One of my favorite aspects of Netflix is that it now hosts its own original series, which tend to be out-of-this-world-so-epically-amazing that it’s hard not to get sucked into the story lines.

^^A typical weekday night/date night in my old apartment.

Here are a few of my favorite Netflix original series!

  1. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


I’d heard a lot about this show way before I started watching it, and I admit to giggling when I watched the Pinot Noir music video even though I had no clue of the backstory. This is definitely one of my favorite shows on Netflix, period. The characters are likeable and I was constantly laughing throughout the episodes. Rescued from a doomsday cult, the “Indiana Mole Women” are given a new chance at life which Kimmy Schmidt (Ellie Kemper) makes the most of by moving to the Big Apple and experience everything she missed in the last 15 years. Kemper is hilarious and while the show is over the top at times, I felt a connection with the characters and the problems they (hilariously) faced everyday.

Watch if you like: How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, 30 Rock

  1. Grace & Frankie


Shout out to my mom for the recommendation to check this show out. I had seen ads for it but hadn’t been too interest because, well, it’s about two women in their 70s and I didn’t think that I would find it very interesting… But BOY was I wrong. The show follows two women, Grace and Frankie, after their husbands announce that they are leaving them for each other. Despite being total opposites, Grace and Frankie somehow manage to live together (somewhat) harmoniously even when Frankie is high on peyote or Grace is reprimanding Frankie on her outfit choices. Their kids are also another highlight of the show and the dynamic between the two families is absolute magic. I loved this show so much that I finished all 13 episodes in three days and raved about it to everyone that would listen. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but there was a big plot twist in the last 15 minutes of the season finale and I’m on pins and needles to see what’s going to happen for Grace, Frankie, Sol and Robert.

Watch if you like: Friends, Parks and Recreation

  1. The Fall


This show is definitely not for the faint of heart. It follows two characters central to the story—the serial killer who is terrorizing the city of Belfast and the detective who is hunting him. At first I had a bit of trouble understanding the accents (the show originally broadcasted in Ireland) but the story just sucks you in and I personally love crime shows, so this was a winner for me. I loved Jamie Dornan in Once Upon a Time so this was a much different role to watch him in. He’s creepily enthralling, living a double life as a family man and as a serial rapist/killer. The detective, Gillian Anderson, is always just one step behind him but the trailer for season 2 looks even more intense and it makes me wonder what the interaction between the two will be like.

Watch if you like: Criminal Minds, Dexter, Law & Order

  1. House of Cards


I always get so excited when I’m able to get my friends into House of Cards because I get texts in all caps about all of the plot twists that happen in almost every episode. Frank Underwood is just so devious and watching his ascent to the top of the food chain in Washington DC is almost too much for me and I usually end up being totally blown away by his calculated decisions. He takes no prisoners and because of it even those he loves, like Claire, suffer but despite that Frank continues on taking what he perceives as his.

Watch if you like: Scandal, The West Wing

  1. Arrested Development


I actually only started watching Arrested Development because my friend’s boyfriend never shut up about how much he loved it and I finally caved. The first three seasons were absolutely hysterical—the Bluth family is so dysfunctional and over the top that it’s hard not to love them. Could you imagine if your father was being charged with embezzlement and you had to hide him in the basement?? Plus the jokes are so funny (He’s “all right” now!) that you can’t watch it and not laugh. It took me a while to get into the fourth season but I ended up really enjoying the continued adventures of the Bluth family. Plus my sister’s watching now and she loves it too!

Watch if you like: The Office, Community, Scrubs

What are your favorite shows on Netflix? I’ve been wanting to watch Orange is the New Black for a while now so that might be my next new show!

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  • Lucy H.

    The Fall looks very scary, but I’m also not a fan of crime shows…. Grace and Frankie sound funny though x

    • It definitely is a scary show. I usually don’t like watching it at night!

  • Kristen

    Definitely watch Orange is the New Black!!!! It is one of my favorite shows on Netflix!!

    • I’ve heard great things about it so I’ll definitely get around to watching it sometime.

  • oooh i need to watch these lol!


    • Definitely! All five shows are so addicting!

  • Another great one on Netflix that I enjoyed watching is Lilyhammer. It stars Steven Van Zandt from The Sopranos.
    PS…I also second Orange is the New Black.

    • My dad actually recommended Lilyhammer to me the other day–it sounds really good!

  • So good I’ve been needing some new shows!

    Krissie x –

    • All of these shows are amazing so I’d definitely recommend them if you’re looking for something new to watch!

  • This is perfect! I just finished my last show and have had the hardest time finding another good one. Cant wait to try out your recommendations!!

    • I have the same problem when I finish a show I’ve really enjoyed and I usually end up rewatching Law & Order episodes because I can’t make up my mind… I hope that these live up to expectations!

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