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September 23, 2014

I have to admit that I’ve been a pretty boring undergrad this weekend. I have a few papers and midterms coming up in the next couple of weeks, so my weekend involved long days in the library and early nights in bed. I had woken up early on Sunday to set up for the Homecoming Brunch that my sorority hosted, and since I was already up I decided that I had some time to workout before the studying commenced once again.

There were blue skies for miles so instead of doing the elliptical or stair stepper, I did stadium runs instead. The first six rounds were great and I was feeling pretty smug good about myself. I took a short break though when the track team also started doing stadium runs because they were all super fit. And because I’m a super awkward person I pretended like I was getting very important text messages that I had to respond to ASAP (total lie). It all really went downhill from there and I spent the next four rounds wishing that I was doing anything other than running up and down the bleachers, mostly sleeping in or perhaps watching Bones on Netflix. But I finished and was proud of myself as I tottered away to finish my workout.



I was going to head to the library afterward but I happened across a table looking over Kentner Stadium and instead decided to further enjoy the nice weather by studying outside. I have to be honest when I say that I never study outside. The last time I can remember trying to do my school work outside was freshman year when a group of friends and I tried to study on the quad, and I just ended up dozing off instead. I just get distracted too easily and so I usually find that I tend to be more productive indoors. However, I found that my new study spot was somewhat secluded and the only distracting sounds came from the distant men’s soccer game. I read my anthropology textbook and took notes for a good few hours before my stomach betrayed me and I made my way over to the university center to grab lunch.


I wasn’t lying about the gorgeous weather! September and October are always my favorite fall months because it’s warm enough to not need an overcoat but chilly enough that I don’t sweat buckets waking around campus.


After lunch, I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening in the library finishing up my readings for the week. And of course I made a stop to get my favorite over-priced iced green tea from Starbucks before settling down to get to work…. what can I say, I’m pretty basic. Although, according to this Buzzfeed quiz I’m “not that basic,” which is always comforting. On an unrelated note, I’m really loving my new Lily Pulitzer planner! I’m a bit of an organizational freak and the ‘Trippin and Sippin’ planner is just the cure for that. Plus the seahorses on the front are beyond adorable.


So even though this weekend definitely wasn’t the most fun, at least I won’t fail my exams! Woohoo for senior year!

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  • I like your writing style! I’m a professor at Sacramento State U and I love hearing your student perspective. I love fall too! Happy blogging!

    • Thank you so much!! Early fall is definitely one of my favorite times of year!

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