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Chilling in Chichester

June 11, 2014

Last Thursday, we met up in front of the Institute for our drive down to southern England, Chichester to be specific. We all piled into a coach bus and made the (never-ending) two hour journey south. Chichester is actually quite cute and reminded me a lot of the quiet streets of Bath, England, which I visited last fall with the Worrell House.



Our first stop was the Pallant House, a modern art gallery housed in the Queen Anne townhouse built in 1712. While I was not the biggest fan of the Pallant House, our tour guide was not very engaged and spoke quietly so it was hard to hear her, I did enjoy walking around such an old historical home.



We then split up for lunch and I ate at Prezzo (an Italian restaurant) with a few friends before we got back into our bus to drive to the Cass Sculpture Foundation. Contrasting to the rather disappointing morning, I absolutely loved the sculpture foundation and I would definitely recommend visiting. Started by Wilfred Cass, the Cass Sculpture Foundation houses an ever changing collection of modern and contemporary sculptures, displayed across theΒ sprawling 26 acres. My favorite part of the foundation is the fact that we could interact personally with the works and actually touch them, which is always a big no-no in museums. We were able to spend a few hours roaming the grounds of the Cass Sculpture Foundation and I took pictures of my favorite works.

"Exploring the great outdoors of southern England #100happydays 29/100 at Cass Sculpture Foundation"

“Exploring the great outdoors of southern England #100happydays 29/100 at Cass Sculpture Foundation


Bill Woodrow’s “Regardless of History”


Sean Henry’s “Folly (The Other Self)”


David Brook’sΒ “Sketch of a Blue Whale”


Evan Rothschild’s “Culture and Nature”


Peter Burke’s “Host”



Bryan Kneale’s “Triton III”


Vong Phaophanit’s “Field of Rods”


I’m not sure who this artist is but she made this work by throwing herself down into the material!

With all of the traffic, it took us what felt like forever to get back into the city and even then we were let off of the bus before we even got back to the Institute because the traffic was so backed up. Makes me glad that I only have to deal with body odor when I ride the tube during rush hour!




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